Switchgear for newly developed washing machine for stainless steel shelves in the cheese production industry

Cheese ripening requires sophisticated skills. Each step affects the taste of the cheese. The processing technique, hygienic conditions and automation play an increasingly important role in the production of any kind of cheese in order to produce high quality cheese in a cost-effective way.

During ripening, cheese loaves are regularly rubbed with brine or mixtures and turned, so the loaf shelves made of wood or stainless steel must be cleaned regularly. In cooperation with BMA Nederland, BMA Automation GmbH has developed and built a switchgear for a newly developed washing machine for stainless steel shelves. This washing machine removes very stubborn soiling from stainless steel shelves used for the ripening of Edam cheese. The control unit has been integrated into the existing control unit of the complete line, and external I/O modules have been installed in the new switchgear cabinet for communication with the existing CPU. The software for the new machine has also been integrated into the existing plant software. This has made it possible to offer a particularly cost-effective solution.

The individual drives are controlled by frequency converters. The plant will soon start operation in a cheese production facility in the Netherlands.