News 2013


19th AFCAS convention

The French sugar cane association AFCAS, which was founded in 1983, aims to promote throughout France scientific, technical and economic knowledge of the agronomics, cultivation, industrial processing, residues and marketing of sugar cane and its by-products.

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2013 conference for BMA centrifugal service technicians

This year, 14 service technicians for BMA centrifugals met for a conference in Braunschweig, with many of them coming from Russia, Tunisia, China and the Unites States.

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XXXV Convención y EXPOATAM 2013 Don Héctor M. Sáenz Couret

Representatives of the Mexican sugar industry will meet for their annual specialist conference September 24-27. The latest developments in the sugar industry will be represented in numerous expert lectures including the topics “Agro-Engineering”, “Cultivation and Harvesting”, “Factory Design”, “Laboratory”, and “Co-products/Ecology”.

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BMA Academy starting soon

The BMA Academy will be offering various seminars all dealing with sugar production, BMA equipment and BMA process components. Experienced BMA speakers will be presenting theoretical background knowledge as well as running hands-on training units.

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BMA patent for fluidised-bed drying of biomass maintained

In January 2011, a competitor had filed an opposition against a patent granted to BMA (EP-B-1 1956326) for a fluidised-bed drying method, citing a lack of inventive step and lack of novelty.

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Industrial trainees from the Brottewitz sugar factory visit BMA

Braunschweig, 26 June 2013: Accompanied by their two master craftsman trainers, several trainees from the Brottewitz sugar factory (Südzucker AG) visited BMA’s manufacturing shop and ended their 2-day tour at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

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Fenasucro - 21st International Fair of Sugar, Ethanol and Energy Technology

Fenasucro – being the biggest trade fair worldwide specialised in the sugar and ethanol industry – takes place from August 27th to 30th in Sertãozinho (Brazil).

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