Engineering from BMA

We know that everybody is different

The location, raw material properties, production targets, energy consumption, and the variance of the final products - every single machine or whole plant has its own requirements and framework conditions. Which is why it requires tailor-made engineering. BMA offers a comprehensive engineering programme for new plants, and capacity extensions and the optimization of production plants and automation systems for sugar production. Relying on our expert knowledge and many years of experience, we also make use of the latest planning tools.

Engineering services on demand

Our services range from basic studies to detailed process engineering. Low-energy concepts for parts of a plant, or for entire sugar refineries and beet and cane sugar factories, are our speciality. In addition to our expert knowledge, which is valued around the globe, we have relied on international expertise in plant engineering for many years. The plans and balances we prepare are never product-specific.

Our engineering services at a glance

Drops in the performance of a plant need not always have serious causes. During campaign periods, however, a reduced production is usually equivalent to higher losses in earnings. Our BMA engineers will gladly inspect your plant and its control unit directly on site and give first recommendations for optimisation.

As part of a concept study, we will prepare mass and heat balances for you and visualise the planned sugar production process in a block diagram or simplified process flow chart. Based on an additional economic feasibility analysis, we will develop an overall concept that takes into account the key factors of the plant. Together with you, we will agree implementation of this concept.

Here we go one step further: in addition to the concept study, BMA prepares the equipment lists and specifications, a list of the control circuits for the measuring and control systems and a rough layout plan for the key equipment items. We will also provide you with the documentation you need for your detailed budget planning.

In this work stage, we design individual plants, process steps, or entire sugar factories and refineries to the smallest detail. We will provide you with load plans for steel structures and concrete foundations, detailed layout plans, piping engineering and much more. If required, we will also handle project management throughout the implementation phase.

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