Ministerial visit to BMA AG

BMA welcomes Minister Dr Althusmann to Braunschweig site

The theme of the minister’s “summer tour” is digitalisation in Lower Saxony-based companies. His main reason for visiting BMA was our combination of traditional manufacturing issues with digital transformation. BMA has been working on the implementation of digital products, services and assistance since 2018.

Dr Bernd Althusmann, Minister of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Digitalisation for Lower Saxony, has paid a visit to BMA in Braunschweig. After welcoming the guest, CEO Dr Dirk Steinbrink presented the company, emphasising once again the major importance of Braunschweig as a manufacturing location. Looking back at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, he outlined how quickly BMA had managed to respond to the restrictions. Together with the IT department, solutions were found to enable mobile working for all employees worldwide. In fact, the COVID-19 crisis has turned out to be a catalyst for digital processes and digital collaboration at BMA.

The second address by Kristin Odörfer, Senior Manager for Digital Products, introduced “smart.monitoring”. This service has been available to all BMA customers since early 2020, enabling them to access their centrifugal operating data at any time and from anywhere in the world.
“BMA’s smart.monitoring service is the first item in our digital portfolio. Our next aim is to establish a common platform for all other services. A first step in that direction, back in 2018, was smart4sugar”, said Odörfer.

After this presentation, COO Dr Beer gave a guiding tour of our workshops. The benefits of cycle time manufacturing of centrifugals are high-quality products, short lead times, high efficiency and flexibility. This manufacturing step gave Dr Althusmann a good idea of how the product “centrifugal” and the service “smart.monitoring” are connected. The end of the ministerial visit was marked by a look at our new welding robot. This new production line will be used to build large welded assemblies. It is the second welding robot BMA has installed in its Braunschweig workshops.

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