BMA logistics warehouse optimisation

Smooth operation: conversion of the logistics warehouse at BMA goes as planned.

Braunschweig. The conversion in early March of BMA’s logistics warehouse went smoothly. Thanks to excellent preparation and planning, our highly dedicated staff were able to complete the work within just four days.


Why a new warehouse?

By changing the racking width, the new logistics warehouse now has room for 1,280 Euro pallets, instead of previously 920 – an increase in storage space of 35 % with the same floor space. An added bonus: shorter distances. The new BMA logistics warehouse thus simplifies order picking and makes it more efficient.

A well-coordinated logistics team

BMA ordered new high bay racking for its logistics warehouse in mid-December 2019. Before the existing racking could be dismantled, about 400 pallets had to be stored elsewhere on the premises, some of them in containers. In week 4 of 2020, the first racks were dismantled. Two weeks later, installation of the new lighting system started, and assembly of the new warehousing system began on 2 March.

For four days, work continued around the clock in shifts: dismantling and assembling racking, moving pallets, and changing the storage spaces in the ERP system. All while normal business was running. Thanks to our team’s brilliant planning, there were no disruptions in production or delays in shipment. The conversion was completed on 5 March.

We would like to thank all those involved for contributing to a smooth operation with their commitment and motivation!


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