BMA ships world’s largest extraction tower

An extraordinary project: BMA completes the first of two extraction towers for Canal Sugar in Egypt.

Braunschweig. BMA is sending the world’s largest extraction tower on its way from Braunschweig to Egypt. It is the first of two extraction towers to be supplied by us. The BMA Group is also supplying the automation and control systems for this colossal project in the Egyptian desert. Southwest of the city of Minya, a truly extraordinary agro-industrial complex is taking shape: a huge area of about 76,000 ha for the cultivation of sugar beet, wheat and maize.

Dimensions of colossal project in Egypt

The size and scope of the large-scale plant in Egypt are a special challenge for Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG, and so far unparalleled in the world. The beet sugar factory and refinery are designed for a processing rate of 72,000 t/d of beet; 36,000 t/d are planned for the first development stage.

Such a processing capacity in sugar production requires plant engineering experience and appropriate plant manufacturing facilities. BMA ticks all the boxes and won the contract for the supply of two extraction towers – two very large towers, to be precise: with a diameter of 13.6 metres and a height of 26.68 metres, they are, in fact, the largest of their kind in the world.

Automation technology

BMA Automation GmbH is building and supplying the automation components. More than 30 million newton metres (Nm) are needed to drive the extraction towers. To provide this immense force, each tower will be equipped with 12 motors and 12 frequency converters.

One particular challenge is to ensure synchronous operation of all the drives. BMA Automation, a Siemens Solution Partner, are the experts who will handle this part of the project, using the latest PLC and drive technologies from Siemens.

The dimensions of the automation systems for the extraction towers also exceed those in previous projects. BMA is supplying switchgear with a total length of 21.6 m for the Egypt project.

Extraction tower leaves Braunschweig

Because of its size, the extraction tower will travel in several parts from BMA’s workshops in Braunschweig and onwards to Alexandria as sea freight. Much preparation was needed to ensure everything would go smoothly during loading. Each HGV is carrying a load weighing up to 21,500 kg.

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