Right on target with 6th place

In the evening of 26 February 2016, the BMA football team took part in the FIRST BRAUNSCHWEIG KROSCHKE CUP.

The starting time was 7 p.m. as scheduled, in the aptly named Kick-off hall at Petzvalstraße, Braunschweig. The BMA team was one of eight taking part in the tournament. Two groups of four teams were playing, with each team consisting of a goalkeeper and 4 players. Each match lasted 12 minutes, giving all teams the opportunity to score goals for a place in the finals. If neither team had won after that time, the winner was determined in a penalty shoot-out. Altogether the BMA team had 10 people including the reserves. Managing directors and plant mechanics alike, colleagues from BMA AG, BMA Automation and BMA Brazil all did their best to score goals.

With a final 6th place, the team result was even better than expected. Let's not forget: it's only in 2018 that the winner of the cup will be determined, leaving plenty of time for the team to enhance their tactical and technical football skills. The level of fun at this year's event was already hard to beat! BMA would like to thank the organisers for their fantastic work and is looking forward to a second round next year.

A final note:
The starting fee of € 50 per team will be donated in total to the Kroschke Foundation for Children, a charity that supports projects for children's and young people's health.