Bridges from BMA?

Who would have thought it: BMA is building bridges! But these are not transport routes, or conveyor belts for the sugar industry, far from it: they are bridges between industry and the community, between employees and pensioners, between young and old. They are what the day of action Building Bridges is all about.

Set up in 2007, Building Bridges is now in its 10th year – another record year, with 72 projects, 56 welfare organisations, 65 companies and 3,500 hours of commitment that will directly benefit people. Among the helpers are employees and trainees of PRO ASS, one of the companies of the BMA Group. In collaboration with other Braunschweig businesses, the playground of the Broitzem nursery school was refurbished – with active support from the nursery children.

Now the new sandpit invites girls and boys to explore and dig. The playhouse has had a makeover, it looks shiny and new. Mukhtar Adam, a 22-year old trainee at BMA, is happy with what has been achieved. Since arriving from Sudan as a refugee, he has been training as a machinist. With his participation in the day of action, Mukhtar has helped to build bridges – between refugees and the local German community.