Start of assembly at customer site: Oman Sugar Refinery Company (OSRC) in Sohar

In May 2021, the Oman Sugar Refinery Company placed an order with BMA for supply of a sugar refinery. The customer is expecting state-of-the-art technology and a high level of automation, so the refinery can operate with optimised energy consumption and high efficiency.

Following 15 shipments consisting of 70 oversized packing units and more than 100 containers with a total net weight of around 2,000 t, almost all BMA main equipment has been delivered, as has the equipment from subcontractors. Construction on site is progressing well and the first components were assembled in August according to instructions by our site supervisor. BMA’s scope of supply for the project includes drum dryers, carbonatation tanks, falling-film evaporators, VKT, centrifugals, vacuum pans (DVK), mixers, massecuite pumps (DRP) and fluidised-bed steam dryer.

Following a safety briefing and an extensive tour of the site, assembly started with the two drum dryers. A BMA planning office was set up on site for coordinating the construction work. In project meetings with the customer and the assembly firm contracted by the customer, additional milestones are defined and other work planned, for instance, mechanical assembly tasks. 

The work is progressing well and expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023.

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