A major contract for BMA: construction of a new sugar factory in Bangladesh

BMA will be responsible for the engineering of a new sugar refinery, the supply of machinery and equipment, assembly supervision, and commissioning of the plant. The contract is worth 62 million euros in total.

Braunschweig. A major contract for BMA AG has come from Bangladesh: BMA will be responsible for the engineering side of planning a new sugar refinery, the supply of equipment and purchased parts, assembly supervision, and commissioning of the plant. The contract is worth 62 million euros in total.

With the signing in Bangladesh in January 2020, the project was sealed; in October, it was ready for kick-off. Like other companies, BMA has suffered considerably from the effects of the corona crisis, and this major 62m euro contract is hoped to counter the fall in the market. In recent years, the Braunschweig-based mechanical and plant engineering firm has been successful with a number of similar major projects, such as in Uzbekistan, Egypt and China.

BMA’s experience and global network are important assets in the planning of large-scale projects. At the planning stage, the location, raw material properties, production targets, and energy consumption are crucial for the finished product. Every machine and plant has its specific requirements and parameters. It is precisely here that BMA's many years of experience in project planning and implementation come into play.

The Bangladesh project benefits from the wide range of machinery and equipment offered by the sugar experts from Braunschweig. At the heart of the factory complex, the so-called sugar house is where the core sugar refinery process takes place. In this project, BMA will be implementing the entire sugar house for its customer. One key issue is energy savings, to be achieved by optimising steam consumption in sugar production, which is a major cost factor. State-of-the-art falling-film evaporators from BMA used in combination with a finely tuned plant design achieve steam efficiency, in beet and cane sugar factories and in sugar refineries. The overall concept is rounded off with the downstream drying of the refined sugar, and a packing plant.

The automation system for the plant will be supplied by BMA Automation. From single solutions, such as the control technology for individual centrifugals or vacuum pans, to vertically integrated DCS for a whole factory – automation solutions from BMA Automation increase plant efficiency while ensuring that all components work together perfectly.
As well as supplying the machinery and equipment, BMA will also be responsible for assembly supervision and commissioning. The overseeing of installation processes directly at the plant location, and production and logistics processes are major elements in the timely completion of a refinery.

Many sugar producers rely on BMA’s many years of experience, manufacturing quality and ability to deliver on time for their large-scale projects. For this project, BMA will continue to provide support until 2023.