17 March 2020 COVID-19: no restrictions at BMA.

For the BMA Group, our top priorities are the health of our workforce and a reliable delivery service for our customers. Production at the Braunschweig workshops is currently running according to schedule.

At the moment, all company divisions, including production at the Braunschweig site, are running more or less according to schedule. As always, you can reach us by phone or e-mail. However, because of the many restrictions in Germany, we have cancelled all travel.

Every day, new information and developments concerning the COVID-19 virus have to be reassessed. We have taken considerable precautions to ensure that our staff can work safely. That includes, for some, the option of mobile working. Please rest assured that we will let you know of any changes affecting your order or BMA in general.

Despite all actions taken, these exceptional circumstances may unfortunately result in restrictions affecting the handling of your order or in delayed deliveries. We regret this and will do our utmost to minimise the impact.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you will stay well!