How can tower extraction be improved?

This and similar questions accounted for a large part of a seminar organised by BMA America for North American beet sugar factory operators.

Greeley, May 2016 – Just a few weeks after the end of the campaign in North America, around 25 representatives and operating staff from the US beet sugar industry met at BMA in Colorado, to attend a seminar on beet extraction plants aimed at plant operators. The 2-day event was chaired by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Schulze, a senior process engineer from BMA AG's Extraction team of experts in Braunschweig.

Major items on the agenda included the principle of operation, design and control of extraction plants, and corrective actions to be taken in the event of deviations from normal operation. Another topic was improving plant availability with preventive, i.e. scheduled, maintenance and repairs during and after the beet campaign.

In its moderation of the seminar, BMA allowed plenty of time for discussions between the speakers and the audience. When asked for feedback, participants said they had gained both background information and valuable expert knowledge. Newcomers to the industry and those with many years of experience in the sugar sector therefore benefited equally from the event. Cristin Mayer, President of BMA America is delighted: "This has been a huge success for everybody. So much so that we are, in fact, already thinking about the agenda for next year's seminar!"