Global network

BMA's engineering business is going from strength to strength. A look at the figures confirms this: today about one sixth of its workforce across the globe is working in consulting and even in planning whole sugar factories and refineries. Clear evidence that alongside its strong product business, BMA is quickly evolving into a solution provider for comprehensive factory complexes.

In early June, around 30 engineering staff from all international subsidiaries met in Braunschweig for another Networking round, to ensure BMA continues on its path of success. "During this 2-day meeting, employees from all areas of the Group will have the opportunity to forge personal contacts and network with new colleagues", explains Timm Ibs, Vice President Engineering at BMA in Braunschweig. The sugar industry is not the same the world over, of course, with differences between continents and even regions. Which is why BMA relies on local Competence Centres in all major sugar markets, staffed by colleagues who speak our customers' languages and share their cultural backgrounds. We are also familiar with the technical guidelines, standards and laws of these countries. Last but not least, BMA staff in the same time zone are always quick and easy to reach for our customers and business partners.

At regular workshops in Braunschweig, BMA process and planning engineers and designers share the valuable experiences they gain in projects around the globe. "Frankly, it's quite exciting at times, when you hear how efficiently someone has found a planning solution and geared it to local requirements", says Ibs. Learning from others is best – that is precisely what the Braunschweig event is about.

Another focus of the meeting is the synchronisation of common work processes and the establishment of a single tool and software environment throughout the Group. This will help BMA pool engineering expertise from different countries for use in large projects. But resources are only one aspect. In such an environment, it will be possible to access special local skills and knowledge wherever they are needed.

In addition to maintaining a strong role as a supplier of individual items of equipment, BMA will continue to provide comprehensive factory solutions for the entire sugar process – anywhere in the world.