Success for the BMA-sponsored team of young scientists from Braunschweig at the iGEM student synthetic biology competition: they were awarded a gold medal in the category "Best New Application Project" for their development of a biological system for the treatment of contaminated groundwater, beating 200 competitors from around the globe.

An investment that has paid off: the BMA-sponsored research team from TU Braunschweig has won a gold medal in the iGEM category "Best New Application Project".

The Braunschweig students developed a biological system for the treatment of contaminated groundwater involving a self-regulating synthetic microbial consortium.

With its project, the Braunschweig team had already secured a good position in the preliminary round in Lyon. At the iGEM competition finals, it beat 200 other teams from around the world.

The independent non-profit organisation iGEM is dedicated to the advancement of research and development in synthetic biology. The research results of the international iGEM competition for young scientists are freely available to the public. With these projects, the organisers aim to improve the understanding of science in the community and enhance awareness of student research.

BMA was delighted to act as a sponsor for this project. Congratulations to the project team from TU Braunschweig on their extraordinary achievement and their success in Boston!