Industrial trainees from the Brottewitz sugar factory visit BMA

Braunschweig, 26 June 2013: Accompanied by their two master craftsman trainers, several trainees from the Brottewitz sugar factory (Südzucker AG) visited BMA’s manufacturing shop and ended their 2-day tour at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

During their visit, the trainees gained first general insights into the company. The guided tour of the workshop was, understandably, the most fascinating part, as BMA is currently manufacturing an E series batch centrifugal for another Südzucker factory (photo 1).

Introduced in 2012, the innovative E series machines stand out due to their increased throughput at reduced motor output. In addition, this series offers a high syrup separation without requiring any internal mechanics. The guided tour gave the trainees insights into the manufacture of sugar centrifugals and, to be mentioned as well, into the rather low maintenance efforts for centrifugals.

During their tour of the BMA workshop, the trainees had the chance to see the entire range of BMA products. This also included one of the two strike receivers that will be joined at the customer’s works in Uzbekistan (photo 2). BMA strike receivers are characterised by an excellent sealing of the stirrer shaft and minimised leakages thanks to the comprehensive quality check, which also includes a check of the shaft concentricity.

An entirely successful day rich in variety!

We were very glad to welcome these young interested visitors from Südzucker AG, and we are always delighted to give interested people a tour of our company and explain our production process.